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Frequently Ask Question

Are the women on the system paid to talk to me?

No, you only get to talk to real women like you.

How do I get help?

Lesbians Chat Live has a team of friendly customer support that is available 24/7 to assist you with all your questions and/or concerns. You may call out toll free number at _________ .

How does it work?

You can get your local number by calling _____. And then you may call our Lesbians Chat Live line and the voice prompt will guide you on placing your first greeting and setting up your own mailbox.

What are the differences between the Voice Personals Mailbox and the Live Connector?

The voice personal mailbox is pretty much like your very own answering service set-up on Lesbians Chat Live. This is where your ad is placed, which can be heard 24/7 by other Lesbians Chat Live members. Also, you can receive messages too from other members, anytime of the day. If someone interests you, you can also send her a private message or invite that person to join you on a private and live phone conversation. The live connector is where you will have your own private conversation. This is where you also record your own greeting, which plays to other women whenever you are on the line.

Who uses Lesbians Chat Live?

Lesbians Chat Live is a phone chat line set for exotic and intimate conversations between two women. You must be 18 years or older in order to use our service. Lesbians Chat Live caters to groups from all walks of life across United States and Canada. You can meet lesbian or bi women and hear their voice profiles anytime you like.

Why use the voicemail system?

This is important since your voice mailbox works like your own answering machine.

Before I buy a membership, can I try your service for free?

Absolutely. Lesbians Chat Live offers first time members a free trial service, which they can use risk-free. We have an easy system that lets you setup your membership in just minutes. All you have to do is to follow the voice prompt. You may also call our customer service at ____ to know more about this offer.

Can I get another free trial membership?

Lesbians Chat Live only provides free trial membership to first time users only. We want to be fair to all our members, thus the restriction. However, if you really liked our service and wanted to continue your membership, you can do so by purchasing our paid membership for a very affordable price. We have great packages for you to choose from. Just call us at ____ to find out more.

Can I use my free trial from any phone?

No, you can just use the free trail to the phone/number you have registered with us upon availing your free membership. In addition, new trial accounts won't register if the phone number has already been used before. I'm calling from a local phone number and I can't use my free trial. Why not?

Free trial won't work in these cases: Someone already registered/availed the free trial from the number before. Our system can't read your phone number on call display. There is no more time left in your free trial. It has been more than 7 days since you availed your free trial.

I'm calling Long Distance, and I can't use my free trial. Why not?

The one you are using must have already been used before or someone issued the free trial from that phone number.

I'm calling your 1-800 number, and I can't use my free trial. Why not?

You should call your local access number. But if however, we don't provide any local service to your area, you may call our customer service at ____.

How do I record my ad?

After you finally dialed our system, the voice prompt will guide you through the simple process. Remember to speak clearly so other members will hear your greeting well.

What do I do if I receive a message from a caller that I'm not interested in?

The Lesbians Chat Live voice mailbox system can delete the message. All you need to do is to delete the message in your mailbox and move on. There is no one other members can get on touch with you since Lesbians Chat Live does not provide any of your personal information. If you are using the Connector and came across an unwanted message, all you have to do is to block the sender and you won't be bothered by the same caller again.

What do I do if I receive a message that I find really interesting?

If you find someone on the next line interesting, send them a message. However, do not get overwhelmed by anything yet, not unless you are sure to trust this person. Lesbians Chat Live strongly discourage you to giving out your personal details or anything that will reveal your true identity.

What is not acceptable in a greeting?

Lesbians Chat Live only wants every member to enjoy our chat line service. Thus, Lesbians Chat Live does not tolerate any discrimination based on age, gender, race or anything with references to illegal substances.

What is the difference between a "message" and a "connection request"?

A message is simply your recorded private message sent via Lesbians Chat Live personal mailbox system or between callers through live Connector. A connection request on the other hand is a special type of message that invites the other person to join you on a one-on-one private conversation.

What should I say in my ad?

Your greeting is your personal message introducing yourself to other members. Lesbians Chat Live strongly suggests that you make a very impressive greeting so other members will notice you. Also, be specific and tell other members what you are looking for in the first place. It would be a good thing to practice a few times first before sending out your final greeting.

Why should I create a voice personals mailbox?

What a voice personal mailbox does is it serves as a powerful tool for connecting to other single women like you. This is the heart of Lesbians Chat Live. The ad that you record will go through your personal voice mailbox, which will be played 24 hours every day on Lesbians Chat Live phone chat system. Also, the voice personal mailbox offers members categories which they can pick to suit their ads. If you do not wish to run an ad, you can designate your box as being "For Responses Only". This way, when you reply to an ad you like, that woman will have a place to send a message back to you.

Can I use a paid membership from any phone?

Yes, paid membership can use any phone available.

How long does it take to set up a membership?

It will just take about 5-10 minutes to set up a membership. However we will need your name, address and method of payment.

What do I do if I forget or lose my membership number or pass code?

The membership number is your access to Lesbians Chat Live line and your passcode works like a PIN number. If you lost these, you can call our customer service at ____. You will be asked to verify your personal information first.

What should I do if someone asks for my membership number online?

Never ever share your membership number or pass code with anyone. Also, do not get fooled by someone calling you and introducing as an employee of Lesbians Chat Live. Our customer service will only get your membership number or passcode if you call us for questions or concerns.

When is time deducted from my membership?

Time won't be deducted not until you finished recording your greeting. As soon as you start hearing greetings from other callers, time is deducted from your membership on a per-minute basis. For memberships that are left unused for 30 days will be charged 10-minute maintenance fee. And for memberships that are not used for 3 months will be deactivated without refund.

Can I send you a check in the mail?

No, currently we don't accept checks or other payments by mail. For US customers, you may pay by Western Union or Moneygram. For Canadian customers, you can pay by Western Union. You may also visit our payment page for more information.

How do my membership charges show up on my credit card statement?

All charges are discreetly billed as _______.

If I purchase minutes or a membership online, will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will get a confirmation email along with your transaction details for every online purchase made. Your order history, however, is only available on your online account. If you are a new member purchasing online, expect to receive two emails: (1) email containing your membership information and (2) email containing your transaction details. Can I be informed of specials deals and promotions?

Yes. Just call our customer care at _______ to be informed of our latest promos or deals.

What payment methods do you accept?

Lesbians Chat Live customers may pay by Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union or by billing your home phone through a 1-900 number (Available in selected locations in Canada only). For Credit Card payments we accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. The Discover Credit Card is only accepted in the U.S. To pay with PayPal you'll need to set up a PayPal account first, using your bank account or credit card information.

Will any charges show up on my phone bill?

Charges will not appear on your phone bill. However, if you call one of our local access numbers from outside its local calling area, long distance charges may apply.

Is my credit card/personal information secure?

Yes, you are guaranteed that we are a secured and safe site to accept credit card payments. All credit cards presented are securely directed to the financial institution that issued the credit card. You are notified of approval or decline while on the phone with our friendly 24-hour toll-free customer service.

What is your Privacy Policy regarding my personal information?

Lesbians Chat Live do not in any way share your personal information to any third party. Further, once the account is set-up, Lesbians Chat Live do not contact you, unless you call us first. We may need you to verify some personal information first before we entertain any questions regarding your account in Lesbians Chat Live.

What personal information do I have to give you?

To protect you against fraud, we need your name, address, phone number and credit card number. Once this information is confirmed, we can process your order.

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