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Safe Dating Tips

  • Do not get so overwhelmed with someone whom you just met on the phone. As a precaution, you should be able to start slow and get to know first the person you are talking to. As a general rule, it is just but common sense to observe such precaution. You may want to look at first the person's behaviour and certain odd consistencies (if any). If ever you may feel uncomfortable, just walk away.
  • It is good to stay anonymous if you are not sure of whom to trust over the phone. LesbiansChatLive guarantees members that their personal information as well as identity is safe and confidential. But, you are still in control of what you want to share over the phone. We strongly discouraged members sharing information about their last name, email address, home address, phone number, place of work or any other identifying information in your personal greetings or messages.
  • Schedule a meet up whenever you're ready. LesbiansChatLive do not oblige members to meet-up in person. On the other hand, no one should pressure you to meet anyone. So, until you know you are ready, the decision is just yours to make.
  • At LesbiansChatLive, we respect and adhere strictly to privacy. Thus, we do not have any background checks on our members. If you are interested on someone, we encourage you to do your own background check before scheduling an in-person meeting with him/her.
  • Pay extra attention for anyone who displays anger, intense frustration, or in any way, pressuring or controlling you. You know it's a red flag when you see actions in a passive-aggressive manner, demeaning or disrespectful comments or any kind of inappropriate behavior.
  • Watch out for any red flags and this means any attitude displaying anger, frustration, or attempts to pressure or even control you. In addition, actions that have passive-aggressive traits or demeaning comments are all inappropriate and should have red flags on them.
  • Set up a public and safe meeting place if you decided to finally meet someone. In addition, you should also inform a friend or relative that you are meeting someone and leave them the information on where you are going to meet and what time. Do not arrange your place on your house or even let your date fetch you there. Always practice caution.
  • Do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Trust your own instincts and do not risk your own safety. It is better to let people think what they want to regarding your behavior, just make sure that you do it because you want to make sure you are safe.

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